Institute of Biotechnology of Czech Academy of Sciences, v. v. i.

Průmyslová 595,
252 50 Vestec,
Czech Republic


+420 728 303 566
+420 325 873 701

How you can get to my workplace by the Prague public transport

Institute of Biotechnology of the CAS is located within the research centre Biocev in Vestec, Prague-West.

Take the C/red line underground to the station Opatov, change to the suburban bus 326 to the stop Vestec-Biocev.

Or, take the C line underground to the station Budějovická, change to the suburban bus 332, 335, 337, or 339 to the stop Vestec-Safina. Go a few meters straight, turn the corner, and go on to the end of the street.

You can find the timetables on the websites Prague Public Transit (DPP) or Prague Integrated Transport (PID). For transport by suburban buses, tickets are sold by a bus driver.